On tonight’s show we talk with Philip Kinsella.  UFO researcher, abductee and author. This is a ‘Not to Miss’ show.  Phillip shares his brilliant insights into the Alien / UFO phenomena.  In addition, we have a ‘Listener’s Story’ with a retired law enforcement officer who has an ‘out of this world encounter’ with an unknown cryptid.


Phillips Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/Philipkinsella11

On tonight's show we talk with Steve Hill, investigative partner of William Lunsford from Arkansas.  Join us as we talk about Bigfoot Infra-sound, sightings and more.

Steve can be found on facebook and youtube.  Here is a link to one of his shows


The Lights Upon The Hills The Burton Dassett UFO Events Of 1923. It is the winter of 1923 and in the Warwickshire countryside there is great excitement about a series of ghostly sightings which have been seen by hundreds of people. Everyone is talking about it and the local papers are speculating about these “Ghosts”. But are they Ghosts? Described as bright multi coloured lights, with the power to illuminate buildings and to fly at height before disappearing at fantastic speeds. Are they not in fact Unidentified Flying Objects? In The Lights Upon The Hills Richard Rokeby has researched an important mass UFO event that is little known amongst the UFO community. Join us as we chat with Richard Rokeby on tonight's show.

On tonight's show we talk with Jeanine Plumer, Founder of Austin Ghost Tours.   If you are ever in Austin TX, you'll definitely want to take this tour.   Jeanine also shares with us some very interesting EVP's captured on her tours.  Also tonight, we have a 'Haddox Report'.  

Click on the link below to visit AGT's website:


THIS IS A MUST LISTEN SHOW!  We are so honored and delighted to have Lainey & Ben on tonight's show.  There are basically three reactions people have to a 'Haunting'. Most commonly, most of us 'fear' what is not known.  On a 'rare' occasion, some of us try to understand it and learn from it.  In Lainey & Ben's case, they have decided to 'embrace' the haunting and try to understand it.  Why it's happening?  How can they 'help' the spirit?  How can they co-exist with 'Dave' and his 'friends'.   Their delightful and sometimes comical reaction is a breath of fresh air in the 'paranormal' world of youtube.

They have set the internet on fire with their incredible video mini-documentaries of poltergeist activity in their home.  They took a big risk and decided to post and share their experiences.  Putting their careers and reputations on the line.  Unfortunately, this decision has opened themselves up to some very nasty and harsh comments from the internet trolls. (A special 'Kudos' to them for their recorded response.)

Paranormal Road believes their story and their videos.  With our experience in paranormal investigations and watching their facial expressions and reactions, Lainey and Ben are telling the truth.   Yes, it is possible to 'fake' these video's.  Some of you may not believe their story.  After-all, we have always said that our listeners must decide for themselves what they hold to be true.    Regardless of your belief,  if you decide to comment on tonight's show, remember to be respectful and kind.    Enjoy the show!




On tonight's show we talk with Jay Bradley, Paranormal/Cryptid investigator and creator of 'Creepy Encounters' Website.  Jay shares some of his personal encounters with us, including a strange encounter outside of Skinwalker Ranch.

Check out Jay's amazing website: Creepyencounters.com

On tonight's show we have back our most popular author and historian, William Krejci to talk about Ohio's haunted rails.  Check out our facebook page for more information and pictures of tonights discussion.

On tonight's show we talk with the legendary William Lunsford, Bigfoot investigator.  William had a face-to-face encounter with the 'Legend of Boggy Creek' Bigfoot.  Since this encounter, William has become one of the world's foremost Bigfoot researcher.  His MANY encounters will blow your mind.  

On tonight's show we talk with Les O'Dell of WV Cryptids and strange encounters.  Be sure to check out the links in the show notes for photo's, video's and more.   



On tonight's show we talk with Megan Flynn as we dive into the mystical and magical world of the Fae.  They are not necessarily all 'Tinker Bells' and cute and cuddly.   In addition, we have a caller from Dallas, Texas who had a real life encounter with the 'Fae' as a young child.   

Here are the links that Megan speaks of in tonight's show.



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