Join us as we talk 'Ghosts and Cryptids' with Chris and Tylor from Brunswick Area Paranormal Society. Check out their facebook live feed of their show 'By the Burial Ground from the Crypt.  Very entertaining and cool.  One of the greatest things about doing this show is the people and friends we make along the way.  We're blessed to count Chris and Tylor among them.   Looking forward to some future paranormal adventures with them.  This is our season finale show.  Look for in-between bonus episodes over the summer.   Until then, see you in the fall!  Be safe everyone and stay Positive!  We'll get through this one day at a time.

Tonight we have Amy Bue with a personal and possible haunting experience as we discuss why some people seem to have more experiences than others.  In addition, our featured guest Jim Sparks, a.k.a 'Sparky' joins us for a 'spirited' talk about his paranormal experiences along with Bigfoot discussion and dogman.  To learn more about Sparky or to reach out to him, connect via facebook through this link:


On Tonight's show we talk with Shane Grove, Musician, Actor, Author and Podcaster of 'From The Shadows Podcast'.  If you enjoy Paranormal Road, you'll love 'From the Shadows Podcast'.  We talk about Shane's book series and you'll learn more about the cast and characters of 'From The Shadows Podcast'.  Shane also gives us a little more insight into the 'Judges' experience with the dogman.  Shane and the 'Judge's' friendship goes all the way back to childhood days.  

In addition, Nanc Warren of Youtube's 'Buckeye Bigfoot' Narrates another Paranormal Road 'Listener's Story' of a strange encounter of missing time and unexplained blue lights coming from the woods.

From the Shadows Podcast Link:

Shane's Website:

Nance Warren's Buckeye Bigfoot Channel: 


In this episode we review EVP Mediums Case File: 'Car of My Nightmares' a true account of Demonic infestation and Oppression.  We revisit with 'Star' and discuss her terrifying story.  We also include several audio clips of ITC communication of this investigation.  Also, we visit with Amy Bue on the 'Bue Report' as she reviews yet another Ohio Bigfoot sighting.  To view EVP Mediums Case File, click on the link provided here in the show notes.

EVP MEDIUMS VIDEO CASE FILE:  'Car of My Nightmares'

Tonight, we're talking the 'Woo' side of bigfoot with Jamie King.  Jamie shares an incredible and intelligent EVP response taken during a bigfoot expedition in the Allegheny National Forrest.  Jamie also shares an audio recording of a massive Tree knock response in which a tree was uprooted and thrown at them while investigating in Hocking Hills Park in Ohio.   In addition to tonight's show, we have a very spooky real-life encounter from our listener 'Matt' that happened to him in 2012 while traveling through the mountains of West Virginia.  Matt's story is narrated by our dear friend Nanc Warren of Buckeye Bigfoot.  To hear more of Nanc and Buckeye Bigfoot subscribe to her channel at:

Join us tonight for a very beautiful and amazing interview with Ingrid Honkala, Phd.  Ingrid drowned at the tender age of three.  That experience transformed her entire life and left her 'connected' in a way that most of us can only imagine. For more information on Igrid Honkala, visit her website:

On this week's show we have a special Bue Report where we get Amy's take on last week's show and the dogman.  In addition, our special guest is Jay Bachochin, Bigfoot researcher and documentary film producer of 'Finding Jay' available on Amazon Prime.  If you enjoy Paranormal Road, please follow us on itunes and/or podbean.  Also, your 'ratings' of the show and comment reviews REALLY help us more than you know.  Be sure to check out our 'youtube' version of the show as well.  on:

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In this episode, we speak to a Judge in Bucyrus, Ohio who had a terrifying encounter in 1985 while training for a 10K run.  On a desolate, country road 'something' was keeping pace with him in the cornfield next to the road. What he saw was....  Well, you'll just have to listen to find out.  This is an incredible story.  Here is a highly respected member of the community coming forward with his story.  This is an episode you don't want to miss. 

An episode you want to miss!  Ever wonder what heaven is like? Will you see your loved ones again?  Is God an angry God?  Sharon has had multiple Near Death Experiences starting at age 13 when she drowned while taking swimming lessons at the YMCA.  Later in life, she was struck by lightning and had a profound experience.   

Sharon's facebook page:

Tonight we hear our first 'listener' story of the paranormal.  In addition, we talk with Nancy Ritz, Reiki Master from 'It's Your Journey'.

Buckeye Bigfoot Link:

It's Your Journey Link:

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