On tonight's show we talk with Megan Flynn as we dive into the mystical and magical world of the Fae.  They are not necessarily all 'Tinker Bells' and cute and cuddly.   In addition, we have a caller from Dallas, Texas who had a real life encounter with the 'Fae' as a young child.   

Here are the links that Megan speaks of in tonight's show.



What an awesome show!  Talk about being 'genuine' and having 'passion' for their work.  We truly enjoyed talking with Paul and Craig of Penn Ohio Cryptid Research.  Investigating both cryptids and UFO's they have some very interesting stories to share with us tonight.  Also, be sure to check out their facebook page for compelling evidence they have obtained.

Penn Ohio Cryptid Research


Break music for tonight's show provided by Audiio.  

Artist: Atlas Gray

Song:  Monsters Dancing

Back by popular demand it's Author, James Michael Rice!  Hear more of his strange encounters while growing up in New England's famous Bridgewater Triangle.  Also, James shares with us his his 'Ayahuaca' with a Medicine man in South America.   This is a VERY interesting and spiritual experience to say the least.   Drug induced or a genuine spiritual journey?  

Tonight we have Cameron Buckner of Youtube's 'Dixie Cryptid'.  When it comes to Bigfoot channels on Youtube, you don't get much bigger than Dixie Cryptid.  We talk with Cameron about his channel and his new hit podcast 'What If It's True'.   If you're into the cryptid's like Dave, you don't want to miss this show.  Check out Cameron's 'Dixie Cryptid' and 'What if it's True' podcast in the links below.

Dixie Cryptid

What If It's True

On tonight's show we talk with Bryce Martin, owner of Michigan Bay Paranormal.  A Michigan Based paranormal research team.  In addition we have a very informative 'Haddox' Report and exciting news regarding the Lorain Palace Theater.

On today's show our guest is Justin Rimmel host of the hit podcast 'Mysterious Circumstances.   Join us as we 'shoot the shit' about his show, ghosts and Alien Abduction.  

If you have not heard or listened to Mysterious Circumstances, we highly recommend this podcast.

Mysterious Circumstances Podbean

Mysterious Circumstances Apple


On our Christmas Eve show we have Alex Niven joining us on the Paranormal Road.  Alex has had two profound visual encounters with Bigfoot was kind enough to share them with us on today's show.  Alex is also in the final process of publishing his first children's book 'Bobby Bigfoot' (Target release April 2021) complete with amazing illustrations.  Bobby Bigfoot will be a series of books over the course of the next few months/years that will be sure to fascinate and delight many children.  Check out Paranormal Road's facebook page for illustrations and other visuals referenced in this show.  Also be sure to visit Alex's facebook group Bobby Bigfoot Believers

On Tonight's Show:

HOUR ONE: We have a Haddox report, A new listener story and our first 'Bue Report of the season'

HOUR TWO: Our very special guest, Patty Davis co-host of 'Spirit Speakers' podcast.  Patty is an amazing, uplifting and high energy psychic intuitive and energy healer.  We discuss spirit guides, earth-bound spirits and those that have crossed-over.  

Patty Davis

Spirit Speakers Podcast w/ Patty Davis and Jude Lynch

Central Ohio UFO Reporting Center

Buckeye Bigfoot

A show NOT to be missed.  Do you believe in the Dogman?  Very compelling interview and downright shocking stories of true encounters.  Tonight we talk with Joedy Cook, Founder of the North American Dogman Project. 

Retired U.S. Army and Iraq war Veteran.
He is one of the most active Dogman & Bigfoot researchers in the State of Ohio. Originally, he was a member of the Cincinnati UFO research group A.S.K. but realized that his interests were more in the field of cryptozoology. Joedy has been studying the Dogman & Bigfoot phenomenon since 1991 and is the author of several books;  He founded the North America Dogman Project ,Cryptid Seekers, as well as the Ohio Center for Bigfoot Studies. CO-Producer of the NADP DVD Documentaries : Wisconsin Werewolf, The Germantown Werewolf  and The Beast of Land Between the Lakes.  Joedy has appeared on several television programs, which discuss large primates in North America, including the History Channel’s Monster quest, SyFy Channel’s Sightings & Encounters and The Learning Channel’s Top Ten Mysteries of the World. Destination America's Mysteries and monsters in America Today, Joedy lives in Cincinnati and can be seen giving presentations at paranormal and cryptid conventions across the state and Canada. 

Link to NADP (Great photo evidence on this page)

Link to Dogman Video digging up a grave

Link to North American Dogman Project's Facebook Page

Joining us on tonight's show in the studio is Chris Pataky and Ed Urban from the Lorain Palace Theater.  Chris and Ed will share some of their personal stories in regards to the Haunted Palace theater. Later in the show, we play some EXTRAORDINARY ITC communication Obtained in 2017 by the local Paranormal Team, EVP Mediums.    This is a great show with some really interesting stories and evidence.

Click Here for Lorain Palace Theater web page


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